Risk Scoring

Automate Governance, Risk and Controls within the Lending Process

Many methods for determining the level of risk for customers rely on taking into account various risk factors, assigning values to these factors, and using these values in calculations to arrive at a score. These risk factors are often separated into two main categories: 

          Customer’s Profile 
  • This includes aspects that are unique to the individual customer, such as: their profession, the type of industry they work in, the nature of their business, their citizenship, country they live in, and the length of time they have been a customer. 
  • This encompasses things like their cash transactions, any alerts that have been generated as a result of their transactions, suspicious activity reports (SARs) and currency transaction reports (CTRs) filed against them, etc.  

Not every customer will be accurately assessed by generic risk models, so it’s essential for organizations to have the ability to adjust the score for specific customers.  

Pierre Consulting offers a comprehensive collection of standard risk models as well as the option to incorporate additional risk models that are specific to your business, ensuring the most efficient scoring results for your organization. 

The risk scoring feature affects the other modules and vice versa. We take information from various sources, such as transaction monitoring and sanctions lists, to evaluate the risks of doing business with a person or company.  

Our system also regularly examines your customers and adjusts their risk levels based on their behavior and external data.  

 You can adjust how we use this information to determine a customer’s risk level to fit your business needs.  

Our team of risk experts can assist your team in selecting the appropriate risk models for your business.

Reach out to us for a demonstration of this risk-scoring module.