Procurement Monitoring

Verify the accuracy of bills before they are sent to customers.

We assist you in identifying and preventing: 

  • Anomalies in travel and entertainment
  • Procurement and cost management processes that are inconsistent
  • P-Card theft

Examine each transaction to ensure that no business or spending regulations have been broken.
When a deviation or violation is found, the system flags the transaction for further investigation and resolution.

This feature ensures that travel, entertainment, and spending policies are followed. It also alerts you to any transactions that may have an impact on the company’s reputation, such as:

  • Violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)
  • Business connections with politically exposed individuals (PEPs).

Examines data from various systems to optimize insights and guarantee that transactions are thoroughly examined.

For example, if an employee submitted business trip expenditures last week, the transaction would appear to be in accordance with company regulations. If HR data shows that the employee was on leave that day, the transaction may be flagged for additional inquiry.

Once a transaction has been reported, it must be reviewed immediately and thoroughly.

Our workflows and case management system enable quick, automated remediation. You can receive alerts via email, text message, or an on-screen pop-up. Our solution can be tailored to include:

  • Links to connected topics that may assist the user in making decisions
  • The complete history and nature of the problem, including who did what and when.
  • Guidelines for remediation on how to tackle the problem
  • Indicators that will help enhance processes, such as possible root causes and measures taken

These customizable workflows ensure that processes are implemented in accordance with the company’s culture and policies.