Regulatory Reporting

Effective Anti-Bribery Compliance involves the Active Monitoring of all Data and Transactions.

To immediately detect any suspect movement of cash, you may monitor for every sort of transaction, both traditional and digital, including well-known money laundering scenarios within the business. 

We promote collaborative case management and investigation by providing a highly configurable workflow module. Furthermore, our system enables your investigators to search the repository of alerts, cases, comments, and other material for relevant information to incorporate in the current investigation. 

Our system, which uses data from many sources, enables you to quickly assess the risk of doing business with an individual or organization. With continuing monitoring, our solution can also do periodic reviews of your customer base, assisting you in keeping client risk levels up to date. 

Switching from manual to automated reporting can save your staff several hours per week. Your regulatory reports (SARs and STRs) can be auto-populated, validated, and electronically sent across several jurisdictions when you work with us.

Secure Communication And Audit Trail Documentation 

Keep track of all activities made in response to an alert, including: 

  • Workflow transitions  
  • Owners and actions 
  • Accepted/dismissed actions 
  • Comments 
  • And documents attached. 

 This feature generates comprehensive reports that meet or exceed regulatory reporting and audit standards.