Case Management

Identify non-compliant expenses before approval

Our solution employs decision learning to constantly improve and enhance alert management, resulting in better results and fewer false positives. Alert thresholds and parameters can be tailored to your specific business requirements. 

Streamlined for maximum effectiveness. We can help you automate workflows for quick, smooth case inquiry, escalation, and resolution. You can also develop and structure workflows that are appropriate for your team. 

Collaboration throughout the organization. It is vital for successful case management in AML compliance to get the information to the correct people on your team or throughout the enterprise. Our solution is designed to facilitate collaboration, communication, and team-based procedures.

Dashboards that are clear and straightforward. With our industry-leading visualization capabilities, you can gain a better understanding of all compliance activity in your firm. You also have on-demand access to audit reports and information. 

Workflows that are adaptable and customizable. Access, creation, and deletion of resources can all be restricted. Access rights to platform features and resources can also be defined down to the data point level for users and roles. 

A Typical Alert Journey 

  • An alert is generated when a suspicious transaction is discovered in real time. 
  • The alert is evaluated using your organization’s screening criteria and assigned to a member of the compliance team. 
  • The transaction is evaluated and determined to be suspicious, and an investigation is launched.
  • The alarm can be escalated to a manager or other team members if necessary. 
  • A second alert is discovered by the compliance manager and is grouped with this new alert, and a case is prepared for reporting. 
  • A case is formed and automatically submitted to the regulatory body. 
  • The CAMLO is promptly contacted, and their dashboard is updated.  

We’ve assisted in resolving this alert in less than 2 hours.