Professional Services

We provide consulting and implementation services for a variety of cutting-edge products and technologies

Pierre Consulting solutions and services are designed to meet your business goals and objectives. As a result, our services team consists of subject matter experts versed in multiple data analysis technologies, financial & management reporting tools, among other technologiess. Our team members are always willing to demonstrate that they are a proven resource.


Pierre Consulting provides training courses during the software deployment phase to ensure that your team is fully equipped to take advantage of the exciting possibilities associated with our solutions. Our training sessions are interactive, user centric and developed with one goal in mind – to ensure widespread adoption of our technologies.

Training sessions can be delivered by a physical instructor or through our virtual classroom. Both options are equally effective.

If you are interested in registering for training please visit our training registration page here.

Pierre Consulting provides consulting and implementation services for all its products and associated technologies. Our professional services team consists of highly-knowledgeable and skilled experts in assessing, designing and implementing quality solutions to ensure maximum Return on Investment (ROI). They possess a wealth of experience in assessing and identifying business requirements, and are knowledgeable in working with complex technical environments.

General Service offerings include:
  • Identification of goals, requirements and conditions for success
  • Business process assessment
  • Development of risks, controls and benchmark matrices
  • Installation and configuration
  • Implementation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Training

To learn more or to request consulting services, please contact us at