External Audit

Assess data from multiple sources to efficiently detect fraud and errors.

With CaseWare Analytics, external auditors can assess data from multiple sources, to efficiently detect fraud and errors, as well provide insights into the overall health of internal controls within an organization. Whether through analysis tools like IDEA® or continuous monitoring solutions, external auditors and their clients are able to gain value through a collaborative platform, regardless of location.

  • Data Extraction from Any Source
    Effortlessly extract data from any application in any format, such as PDFs, text files, etc.
  • Audit Specific Commands
    Within a few steps, you can sort, analyze, compare and assess client data. You can analyse data and deliver detailed results to clients in a cost effective manner.
  • Audit Trail
    A visual step-by-step overview of all procedures and analytics performed.
  • Collaboration
    With one platform to house the disparate data drawn from multiple systems along with the accompanying analytics, the audit team can make synchronized decisions based on accurate information. Audit know-how and expertise can now be kept long term in a central repository.
  • Database Integrity
    Read-only analysis means that the client’s production database is never jeopardized, and data analysis is accurate and timely.