CaseWare IDEA

IDEA® is a powerful and user-friendly data analysis tool designed to help auditors, accountants and other finance professionals perform data analysis quickly to help improve audits and identify control breakdowns.

CaseWare Monitor

Business executives can become privy to insights that can improve their decision making and increase the overall success of the organization. The solution automatically detects errors or abuses across multiple business

About Pierre Consulting

Pierre Consulting started several years ago with the simple and straightforward mission to provide fast, reliable professional assistance to large firms, local businesses, small offices, home office computer users, academic institutions, and governments in the area of Information Systems Security & Audit, Accounting Services, and Tax Consulting.

PIERRE CONSULTING sells solutions & results!

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  • Trusted CaseWare Partner for Nigeria

    Pierre Consulting is committed to creating awareness in the whole of Nigeria on the need for and the effectiveness of CaseWare.

  • Over 10 Years Audit & Analytics Experience

    The firm achieves this through its network of professionals who belong to various bodies: ICAN, CIBN, ISACA, CIA, CFE, CITN, CIDA, CISE, Oracle Solution Developers and Microsoft Certified Solution Developers to name a few.

  • Fast Response to Clients

    We aim to make sure our first interaction is successful. The majority of support requests received are resolved within 24 hours.

What our Satisfied Clients have to say…


It eases document and  file recovery. It also helps in audit planning and implementation.

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The training we received from Pierre Consulting was well presented and exposing. The application is best suited for our function for analytical purposes.

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