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IDEA Data Analysis


IDEA® is a powerful and user-friendly data analysis tool designed to help auditors, accountants and other finance professionals perform data analysis quickly to help improve audits and identify control breakdowns…

Collaborative Analysis


IDEA® Server is a collaborative analytics platform that allows for faster processing of larger data sets, by using server based processing for data analysis, instead of the traditional desk-top. The result is quicker analysis…

Continuous Monitoring


The CaseWare™ Monitor solution provides a single controls portal that enables all stakeholders within any organization to independently monitor controls and transactions across multiple businesses and systems…


CaseWare Audit


CaseWare Working Papers for auditors is the ultimate, end-to-end auditing solution that handles the entire engagement from start to finish, in one system. It handles everything from the write-up or acquisition of a trial…

CaseWare Enterprise


CaseWare dramatically reduces the time and frustration spent on drafting and preparation, and eliminates the risk of errors by immediately bringing any discrepancies to your attention through the built-in validation process…

CaseWare Public Sector


Preparing financial statements is no easy task: You need to comply with the latest reporting framework, create and work with massive spreadsheets to calculate the data required, then it’s reconciling and balancing…

CaseWare Public Sector Audit

Trusted by top auditing firms across Africa and the rest of the globe, CaseWare Audit for the Public Sector has all the benefits of our renowned auditing solution.

CaseWare Time


Adaptable for any number of users through the power of SQL, CaseWare Time has everything you need to manage your practice easily and efficiently. Experience easy time and expense entry, at-a-glance monitoring…